Style Trends To Avoid As An Older Woman To Look Hot

Avoids These Trends To Look Your Best

Being a super stylish hot older woman can be easy if you know how! We have 3 tips on what you need to avoid if you want to look like a chic older lady. There are some fashion mistakes that make you look older, but don’t fret if you’re guilty of those! You can look chic at any age and we’ll tel you how by telling you what NOT to do.

Bedazzled Jeans

One of those items you’re too old to wear if you’re over 35 is bedazzled jeans. It looks extremely tacky on older women to have gems on your denim and send a very poor message about your taste. I would argue that really only children should wear this style, but it is coming back into style as an homage to the 90s trends. If you’re an older woman and want to look hot avoid these.


Too Much Cleavage

One of the most common style blunders that make you look older is to show off too much of the girls. Deep scoop necks are not for you anymore if you’re over 40, but it’s ok to show them off a little bit. Your chest ages too, so if your skin is looser than it used to be, it just doesn’t look flattering to show too much of. Just be mindful of your necklines and don’t go too low.


Denim Skirts

Denim skirts only look good as mini skirts, and at our age, we cannot pull that off anymore. The only kind of older woman that wears a skirt like this is a prostitute or a desperate Cougar. Hot older women keep their skirts to just above the knee at the shortest. Showing off your legs is totally ok (and encouraged!), but too much thigh starts to look trashy. A peek above the knee is really what you want to aim for if you want to stay appropriate, but sexy. Don’t go too long either if you’re a short woman. You don’t want to look like you’re drowning in material! Stick to cottons and satins for fabrics, anything too restricting is uncomfortable and you have too much to do to be in any discomfort.

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