Sex Tips For Hot Older Couples: Spice Up Your Intimacy

Hot Sex Positions For Older Couples

Passionate sex with your spouse is a magical and wonderful thing. But, sometimes you need to give things a little boost. When you’ve been together for so long, things can get a little stale in the bedroom. We have a list of positions to help spice up your sex life tonight! Studies have shown that women have better sex as they age, so you better be taking advantage of it! Not every position out there will be doable for you though, so we have a few sex tips for mature couples to have amazing and passionate nights.

Spooning With A Twist

This is one of those sex positions all couples should try. In this variation, to the classic spoon position, the woman lies on her back with her left draped over his hip. This alleviates any strenuous pressure that might occur in the back or hips. This position is great because both of you are comfortable and nobody is overexerting themselves. You can just relax and enjoy! You both have leverage from this position, so it’s not just up to one of you to set and maintain the pace. If one is getting tired, simply take over and keep things going no problem!


Her On Top On A Chair

This is one of the better sex positions for older people because there’s no strain on the hips or back, and she’s in control. Have him sit in a chair and straddle him. That’s it! This position allows for more of a rocking movement than full-on thrusting of the hips which makes is ideal for people with lower back pain who still want to get theirs. Grinding over thrusting prolongs the experience and stimulates all of her most sensitive parts at once, guaranteeing a satisfying and explosive climax.

older-women-sex-tipsEdge Of The Bed

For this easy, but amazing position, have her lay with her hips at the edge of the bed with a pillow under her hips, and he stands. Using his whole body for thrusting instead of his hips, and having the pillow elevate her hips to meet his relieves any tension or discomfort from repeated or prolonged movements. Not having to use one area of the body allows him to thrust longer (and deeper!) from his vantage point standing at the edge.

If you’re single but want to try the positions above, meet someone for sexy fun on!