Is A Big Fake Scam Dating Website Is A Big Fake Scam Dating Website Is NOT Legit At All, Stay Away! is nothing but a scam posing as a dating website. There is NOTHING legitimate about it and I’m appalled it’s even allowed to exist at all. I wanted to meet a younger guy to have fun with to help me get over my divorce, but all I got was scammed. I firmly believe that SeniorSizzle should be shut down for fraudulent practices. I’m just so mad that I fell for their scheme and spent as much time as I did on there. I didn’t know any better and they took advantage of that. Shame on them.

Getting Started

I thought that the home page was a little sparse in comparison to some of the other dating websites that I had seen before, but I wasn’t looking for aesthetics so I didn’t pay it much attention. I wish I had. After I entered in what I was looking for, my age and location, I was asked for my credit card information. It said in order to access premium features, I had to upgrade my account and pay. I know that a lot of other sites do this too so I thought it was normal. I also really wanted to get over my ex-husband and explore life as a hot single older woman. After being married for 20 years, I was really looking forward to letting loose and getting back into the dating pool, but I had a terrible time using SeniorSizzle to do it.

Results After Joining

At first I thought that I was having a really good response and felt really optimistic about my chances to meeting guys on here. And then I realized that the messages I was getting were repeating themselves and not acknowledging what I was saying. My son said that’s a classic sign of a “bot”, so I kept an eye out for that after. Most of the messages I got were from these bots! I started getting really discouraged, and then I set up a date with a hot younger guy. He didn’t show up. I have never in my life been stood up and it was humiliating. I was extremely weary of the men on SeniorSizzle from then on. 302 messages sent 260 messages received 102 replies 1 date 1 no show

Needs Improvement

I didn’t like anything about SeniorSizzle after I was stood-up, but there are some things that stood out more than others. No Mobile Version: There’s no option to download a mobile version of this site. You have to use the internet browser on your phone if you want to access the website which I found really inconvenient. Bot Profiles: I was amazed that accounts like this existed after my son told me what was going on. Most of my inbox was full of fake messages from these accounts and I just think it’s so sleazy to operate a dating site this way. Bad Members: The young guy who had the audacity to stand me up for a date really is a testament to the type of members you can meet on SeniorSizzle. People who just want to mess around online and not follow through seem to be drawn to this website. Cheap Appearance: The website looks like a child designed it and I regret that I willingly overlooked this detail, because it really does speak to the low quality of the website itself. Nothing gets invested to make the website appear pleasant or even at all legitimate.


I honestly have never been more humiliated in my life than I have been thanks to I would recommend that anyone looking to meet people online to avoid this one by all means and never look back. Try looking on HotOlderWomen4U’s review section instead. I just wanted to have fun and move on from my ex and instead and I ended up feeling worse because of this scam. I truly can’t believe that SeniorSizzle hasn’t been reported and removed from being in service.