Milftastic Is The Greatest Dating Site Of All Time!

Milftastic Is The Greatest Dating Site Of All Time!

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If you’re looking to actually meet and bang hot older women then is the place you need to be! It’s full of sexy MILFs who are so down! I was a bit skeptical at first, because I wasn’t sure if I could actually meet people using the internet but I had no reason to be. I most definitely did meet women online and it changed my life. I haven’t been a member for too long, but I’m addicted to this site. They have the hottest older women I’ve ever seen and they legit want to meet and hook up. No wishy washy BS! These chicks are the real deal.


Getting Started

When I first visited, I was super impressed by how it looked. It was sleek, looked legit and just generally looked good. I was curious to see if it lived up to what the home page said it was: “the ultimate MILF, Sugar Momma and Cougar solution.”. I was intrigued! I selected my “cub” status and registration only took me about a minute. They just asked for my name, age and location, then had me upload a profile picture. It gives users the option to upload up to 5 photos, but I started with 2. The profile page had a space where users could write a description of themselves or whatever they want, but it wasn’t required. I chose to be open and write that I was looking for hot older women to have sex with! I figured honesty was the best idea and it worked for me. Once my profile was finished, I was free to browse MILFs and, man, was I blown away.

Results After Joining

I’ve only been a member for about a month now and I’ve loved every minute of it. After I registered and created my MILFTASTIC profile, I searched for cougars in my area. It automatically showed me local members, so it was really easy to just scroll and see the photos. 310 messages sent 260 replies 10 dates 6 hookups These blew my mind constantly. I went on a good number of dates this month and a lot of them led to amazing sex. The ones that didn’t – we simply didn’t connect and there’s nothing wrong with that! They were still great women and we had a good time though. I’ve never had better sex than I’m having now with these older women. They really know what they’re doing and are super horny!

How I Succeeded

I don’t know that I did anything specific to meet these women aside from just using the website. I was and am always a gentleman though, which never goes unnoticed. Especially with the older ladies! I can offer a few words of advice for members to keep in mind while using Milftastic however: Don’t Be Too Sleazy: You definitely don’t want to come off too strong and be a creepy sleaze-ball. Be sexy and seductive, but don’t lay on the dirty talk too thick before you guys have even met in person. Be Respectful: Always be respectful toward the women you’re chatting with, especially if you want to bang them. This shouldn’t need to be said. You should always treat women with respect, but older women appreciate coming from their young love to a whole other degree. Have Fun: More than anything, just have fun with it. Don’t take anything too seriously and stay positive.

Awesome Features has some great features that really helped make it easier to connect to local MILFs. There are a lot, so I’ll just stick to my favorite ones: Local Matches: The site used my location information to match me with members in my area which made hooking up so much easier than it could have been. I never had to go far to meet my dates and that was awesome. Chat Room: I liked the chat room feature because it connected lots of people at once. The layout was great too – photos of the people in the chat were along the side of the chat window. Great Women: I had an amazing time with all of the women I met on Milftastic. The members are real quality ladies and I couldn’t be more impressed with that.

Maximize Success

There are a few things I would definitely recommend doing if you want the best chances of hooking up. These are just little tips that I found helped me so they should help anyone who wants to know what they have to do to meet older women and get laid. Download Mobile App: Download and use the mobile app for this site. It shows you the most important information that you’d need to find a hookup on-the-go. I loved having access to the site wherever I went. Log-On A Lot: Check your messages and log-in every day because things happen on this site in real-time. It shows frequency of use to other members and you don’t want women to think your profile is unused. Reply To Messages ASAP: Keep on top of your messages and reply if you’re interested in that woman. Don’t leave a MILF hanging, because they deserve better than that. Plus you increase your odds of getting laid by keeping an open dialogue.

Needs Improvement

I really didn’t come across too many things on Milftastic that I didn’t like and definitely none that are really worth mentioning. If I had to something bad, I’d say that sometimes the site text was a bit too small. I’m a young guy and my vision is great, but I found that I had to magnify my screen sometimes. This really wasn’t much of an inconvenience and I’m not entirely sure that wasn’t a technical issue with my browser.


I would definitely recommend to literally anybody who wants to meet and have sex with hot older women. There are an incredible number of sexy MILF members and they’re really down to meet up. I was super impressed with a lot of things about the site. I liked the layout and appearance, the quality of women was astoundingly good, and it’s easy to use. The site is super user friendly and gives members access to some really great features that make finding your Cougar dates ridiculously simple. The mobile version allows me to hook up with MILFs literally anywhere I am by using the location function. I never thought that having so much sex could be so easy and fun. If you’re thinking of joining, then take the plunge and definitely do it. You won’t regret it. I stayed on as a member and I can’t wait to meet more hot older ladies.