Types Of Men Newly Single Older Women Should Avoid

Types Of Guys To Avoid Dating

Starting all over again after your marriage can be stressful, but it can also be tons of fun. You now get to date whoever you want, whenever you want! The world is your oyster, but you don’t want all of them. There are most definitely types of men you don’t want to date after divorce. They shouldn’t take over your life or try to control you. If you have any doubts, then run. When you’re navigating the dating world after getting a divorce there are certain types of guys that you want to steer clear of. We tell you who to avoid.

The Clinger

One of the worst types of men every woman should avoid is the clinger. This guy always wants to be around you and is texting or calling constantly. As a recently single woman, you want some independence so this type of guy is a definite no-no. When you’re dating after divorce, you want someone who is also independent so you still get plenty of me-time. Plus, needy guys are so not sexy.


The Narcissistic Douche

This guy is generally just unpleasant. You don’t want pander to anybody when you’re single and dating after divorce, you want to be the one to be complimented and fawned over. Ditch this guy if he’s constantly bragging about himself and doesn’t care about what you have to say. If his problems are dramatic and the “worst ever, but he downplays or brushes of your real ones, then you don’t have time for him.


The Control Freak

After spending years being married and having to be accountable to someone, the last thing you want is someone telling you what to do. If he has to pick the restaurant all the time and has too many opinions on what you do, then get rid of him! These guys are prone to being moody if they don’t get their own way, which is not an attractive trait in a man. You never want to feel belittled and overshadowed, so don’t let some rebound guy who’s supposed to be a good time push you around. You call the shots or it’s a partnership and that’s it.

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