LocalMilfAffair.com Is The Best Adult Dating Site Ever

LocalMilfAffair.com Is The Best Adult Dating Site Ever

My New Favorite Hookup Site Hands-Down

LocalMilfAffair.com is officially the only hookup site that I’ll use to find cubs. I’ve met more young guys on this site than I ever did in any cougar bar. I love meeting younger guys and rocking their world, but I didn’t really have a place to meet them before I found this site. I haven’t looked back since!

Getting Started

The homepage for LocalMilfAffair is really nothing special, though it does have a definite element of sex. The background wallpaper is photos of topless women members, which was kind of shielded by the text part of the page. Though it didn’t have the nicest appearance, the registration process for the site was fast and easy. I was searching for local cubs in no time! I was impressed with the number of hot members in my area and got really excited thinking about what was to come.

Results After Joining

I’ve been a member on LocalMilfAffair.com for about a month and half and it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve had a tremendous amount of success on the site being able to fulfill my fantasies as well as those of the young men I bed. Helping someone live out their sexual desires really is a thrill. This site might be my new drug. 286 sent messages 199 responses 95 messages received 7 dates 6 hookups I’lł admit I’ve been a little bit picky on who I meet and sleep with, but I really want to be sure that he’ll be worth my time. I want a guy who I can blow away, but I also want to be pleased! So I take the time to make sure he knows what he’s doing and I haven’t been disappointed. These guys know how to please a woman! I haven’t gone on all of the dates that I’ve had set up just yet, some are scheduled coming up due to work conflicts, but I’m extremely excited to meet the guys I have hookups setup with.

How I Succeeded

I think that being a woman on a cougar dating site helped me a lot when it came to getting responses and messages. I approached the whole experience with an open mind because it was kind of new to me and I didn’t want to have any expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed myself by thinking this way. A couple of things that I did make sure I did though were: Be Willing To Meet In Person: If you’re going to have any success with online hookups whatsoever you have to be willing to meet in person. If you aren’t, then there’s really no point in being on there. Don’t be afraid either; you can always meet at a bar before going back to anyone’s place. Visit Frequently: I found that more frequently I logged in to my account the more matches and more sex I had. I responded to my messages within a reasonable timeframe and set up dates for our hookups. It has been a great system!

Awesome Features

I liked a lot things that LocalMilfAffair.com offered to assist members in their search for sex. Some of them might seem somewhat basic but I liked that the site used them because they used them properly. My top features were: Mobile App: I liked the mobile feature because it was really easy to check my messages wherever I happened to be. I could chat with matches and set up dates from anywhere and that alone was a bit of a naughty thrill! Matches Locally: The matches the site gives you are all local so you can realistically meet and hook up. It was easy to arrange places to meet because we’re both familiar with the area. Instant Chat: I enjoy instant chat and the one on this site was great. It allowed you to up send files through your private chat so you could share sexy photos with each other. I was a big fan of that. “Who’s Online”: This feature is a small green dot that shows you who is online when you’re looking at their profile. You can also access a list of local members currently online on the sidebar, so you can chat instantly.

Maximize Success

Meeting people online does require some effort on your part. You can really expect to meet people if you just have an account and that’s pretty much it. You do have to do some things to help along your success. In order to maximize your time on the site and guarantee that you’ll meet with matches to have sex, you should do the following things: Download Mobile Version: Have the app on you at all times so you can be alerted to matches wherever you are for fun and spontaneous hookups! You can have sex anywhere you are, even on vacation so why wouldn’t you have the mobile app? You would! Keep Photos Updated: You must keep your photos current and reflective of your actual appearance. Upload new photos every week or so to keep things interesting and keep new guys coming to check out your profile. Have Provocative, Not Slutty Photos: Chose pictures that are sexually provocative, but not fully pornographic. I’m all for a little bit of nudity, but just give a peek. You don’t want to give away all the goods on first sight! Keep them guessing and leave most of your intimate bits to the imagination until you hookup or at least chat. You don’t want every member who comes across your profile to see you naked, as hot as you might be.

Needs Improvement

I was really happy with everything offered by LOCAL MILF AFFAIR. The features truly maximize users’ enjoyment of using the site as well as the chances of them successfully meeting matches. I did notice that there was no ‘favorites’ list, which could have made finding interesting matches slightly easier. Everything was so easy to use though that it hardly made any difference not being there. Aside from that, I really don’t have a single negative thing that I could say about LocalMilfAffair. I genuinely enjoyed all that they had to offer.


My overall impression of LocalMilfAffair was overwhelmingly positive. I absolutely love this site and would recommend it to all of my cougar girlfriends and younger male friends. Hooking up with cubs has never been easier and I’m mad at myself for not joining this site sooner. I had known about it for a few months before actually taking the step and signing up as a member. If I had known how easy it was to use and how full of young hotties it was, I would have jumped on it right away! As it is, I finally got on it and I’m so glad I did. Anybody who wants to explore sex with sexy older women or hot younger guys should come to this site. Two thumbs way up for this adult dating site!