Top Three Ladies’ Night Ideas For Fun Older Women!

Fun Ideas For A Night With Your Ladies

Are you planning a ladies’ night for you and your hot older ladies? We have some fun ideas to help in your inspiration! These are our top 3 suggestions. These ladies’ night out ideas will guarantee that you and your girls have a great time together, whether you decide to stay in or go out. Sometimes the best things to do on a ladies’ night require very little effort for maximum fun.  

Ladies’ Night Idea #1: Go Out For Dinner

This is such a simple idea, but never underestimate how much fun you can have out at dinner. None of you have to cook, and if you get your husbands to drive, you can all drink as well! Choosing a restaurant that none of you have tried before is a fun idea, and for payment, just alternate turns each time. You don’t have to worry about anything when you’re out at a restaurant because it’s up to the staff to ensure that you have a good time. So all you and your ladies have to do is enjoy each others’ company and catch up!


Ladies’ Night Idea #2: Wine And Games Night

One of the best and mostfun ideas for a girls’ night in is to have the ladies over for board games and wine. Play new or classic games, but this is one of more creative ideas for hosting a girls’ night. Provide the wine and have the other ladies bring snacks potluck style. You can each bring a game or decide ahead of time which one to play but there are so many super fun games out there for all ages. Add alcohol and you’re sure to have a great night!


Ladies Night Idea #3: Dancing

If you and the girls feel like going out and getting physical, then check out an underground dance club. There are salsa clubs all over major cities just avoid ones with long lines of young people waiting to get in and barely able to stand. Look into some clubs in your area targeted toward older people or check out a live music bar. Lots of these mini concert events have people dancing all over the bar, so you guys won’t be the only ones getting down!

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