Is The Three Day Rule Still A Rule To Follow Today?

Does The Three Day Rule Still Apply Today

There are so many rules when it comes to dating, especially online dating today. Does the three day rule still apply today? Are men following this rule? What are the rules to follow when dating hot older women that you meet online? Is it safe to say that no one follows the three day rule anymore when dating today? With the technology that we have so readily available to us with cell phones and computers, there is no doubt that this rule is DEAD. This holds especially true when you’re a younger man seeking hot older women to date. You want to be sure that she knows right from the start that you are very interested in her. You want to send her a message shortly after your date to let her know that you had a good time and that you’re happy that you finally met in person. That you can’t wait to see her again and that you’re thinking of her. Make sure that you hook that hot older women that you want, give her a call later that day if it’s not too late or the next day for sure. Everyone knows about the three day rule. Older women will give you that long to respond and show interest, but they don’t like to play games when it comes to dating and this is definitely a game. No one follows the three day rule anymore.

Dating Rules Worth Following

If you feel like you need to have some rules to follow when you are dating hot older women it’s important that you follow dating rules that actually make sense today. Rules that actually make sense: #1 Don’t play games #2 Don’t interrogate your date #3 It’s okay if you know it’s not going to work out to end the date early #4 Talk about what makes you feel comfortable, no subject should be off-limits if you want to bring it up #5 It’s okay for you to express your opinion All of these are good rules to follow that make sense. If you’re into an older woman there is nothing that should stop you from letting her know right away. Hot older women are out with you because they’re interested in you, not because there are rules that need to be followed. So, live life and have fun, she will appreciate that more than any dating rule that you’re trying to follow.

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