How To Move On After Divorce And Become A Dating Pro

How To Get Into Being Single Again!

When you’ve committed your life to someone and it doesn’t work out, it’s devastating. Getting over a divorce is one of the most difficult thing a person can do, but once you’ve started to heal, it’s important to move on as a hot older woman! There are ways to thrive after divorce, even if it may not feel like it at first. Time will heal your wounds and you will feel better. We have some things to keep in mind as kind of survival strategies for life after divorce. You’ll be back to you!

Don’t Rebound With The Same Guy As Your Ex

One of the biggest mistakes women make after divorce is seeking out and dating a guy who’s just like their ex in any number of ways. Do not do this! If you’re for some dating fun, then go for guys who are the opposite of your ex. If he was blonde, then date a brunette. An even better way to get him off your mind is to rebound with a younger guy. It’ll be all sexy hot fun and he couldn’t be more different from your ex!


Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

Reminding themselves that they are great and will get through things is what smart women do after a divorce. That’s a hell of a lot easier said than done. But it‚ meant not to put yourself down or blame yourself for anything. What happened is in the past and there’s no point in dwelling on it. Try and focus on the future! Deep down you know you’ll be ok, so focus on that inner strength when things get really tough.


Stay Positive

Keep your sights on the future as much as possible because things will be okay. Always acknowledge your feelings and let yourself grieve for the loss of your marriage, but then remind yourself that great things are in store for you. You’re a hot older woman who’s now free do whatever she’s always wanted! It’ll definitely be hard at first but you’ll become more independent than you thought you could be and you’ll realize that you really are better off. It’s all about keeping a positive outlook and self-appreciative attitude and you’ll be back to a better self in no time.

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