Dating Hot Older Women And The Impact Of Social Media

Does Social Media Hinder A Relationship With Hot Older Women?

Social media has a huge impact on dating hot older women in today’s society. Finding older women online is easy. Keeping them interested takes some work. Often hot older women are not interested in using social media such as Facebook as a platform for their private lives. They aren’t into changing their relationship status on Facebook or posting photos with the two of you on Instagram. These women are classy and like to keep their private life, PRIVATE. They don’t need or want the world to know who they’re shacking up with and what more is they’re not interested in hearing everyone’s opinions about who they should or shouldn’t date.

Social Media Rules To Follow When Dating Hot Older Women

Cougars aren’t from the stone age, they know how to text, video chat, etc. When you’re dating an older woman, there are a few rules that you need to follow regarding social media. It’s acceptable to text, but don’t rely solely on that as your form of communication. Call her to make plans rather than sending a text. It’s fine to send her a “good morning” or “I’m thinking of you” but she is NOT interested in planning your next date via text messages. Also, now that she is going to look you up online, she will ‘google’ you to see what she can find out about you. Don’t let what you have out there hurt your new found relationship, far too often, social media can ruin a good relationship. Older women are smart and they do their research. They want to know who it is that their dating before they actually meet you.

Has Social Media Changed How Older Women Date?

Sure, social media is at the forefront of everything we do today but it doesn’t have to be, the rules may have changed slightly but that doesn’t mean you have to follow all of these rules when you decide to date hot older women. There is nothing wrong with being chivalrous when it comes to dating hot older women. They like when a man takes the lead or opens a door for them and there is nothing wrong with showing that you are a true gentleman when you’re with your lady. When a man does this, hot older women find them sexy as hell!

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