Things That All Cougars Love: Get The Down-Low Here!

Things Hot Older Women Love

Hot older women are fascinating creatures and these beautiful women are a mystery to be learned if you want any chance at dating one. Are you curious about Cougars and want to know some of the things they like most? Look no further! We have a list of the top 3 things Cougars love most. You need to know some of the things older women look for in younger guys and most importantly, what cougars really want, if you want one of your own.


One of the biggest tips for catching a cougar that can be given is to be fun. Definitely no Netflix and chill with these women. Cougars love fun, new experiences and they do want to experience that with you if you’re up for it. Go to a cooking class or indoor skydiving – get creative if you’re really trying to impress. Go out of town to events or have a trip planned to surprise her. The one thing hot older women love to do most is have fun. No drama allowed and no complicated relationships. They just want to experience life to the fullest and if you’re up for the ride you may be able to join.



One of the things a cougar will tell you is that she wants it and you better know how to give it to her. Cougars have had enough disappointment in the bedroom in their lifetime and they don’t need it from virile young studs when they just want a fun sexy night. If you have doubts about what you might be doing, then do your research before even attempting to bed a Cougar.



Cougars usually have refined palates and are big foodies. If you don’t know how to cook, but want to impress a hot older lady then take a class or two and practice. If you have the money, then treat to her to great meals out at fine dining restaurants. Try new places together, but emphasize your knowledge of food. If you don’t have any then you better learn. If she likes to cook then take her to a fun exotic cooking class. Learning to make sushi together will create a get connection formed over one of her favorite activities which can only work in your favor.

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