Dating After Divorce: How To Be A Single Older Woman

Dating Again As A Single Older Woman

Getting back into the dating game after ending a marriage can be extremely difficult, but we have some tips to make things easier and help you move on. There are definitely dos and don’ts to dating after divorce to consider, but if you’re feeling good about it then that’s what counts. There are also proven reasons not to wait too long to start dating after a divorce, so don’t retreat into yourself or your kids for too long, but take some time to heal.

Put Yourself Out There

The hardest part of dating after divorce has to be putting yourself out there. It’s a really scary thing to do, especially if you last dated before the internet was in everyone’s houses! But it’s important that you do. If you aren’t ready to go out and meet people in public arenas, then give online a try. Sites like cater specifically to older women and men who are seeking older women, so you don’t have to wonder if age would be an issue.


Be The Pursued, Not The Pursuer

In the singles game, being the one being hunted is the best place to be. If you’re the one chasing after someone it comes off as easy and a little unattractive, especially if you’re going after a younger guy. Exude an air of confidence and indifference and he’ll be wondering what you’re thinking. The more mysterious you are, the more he’ll want to come get you to find out more. As the older woman,that you want to have this allure and draw men in. If they’re coming to you, then you really don’t have to wonder if they’re interested, they clearly are. You just have to decide if you want to simply have sex with the guy or let him take you out for dinner first.


Be Open

When you’re getting back into dating after divorce it can be hard to open up and experience new things as a newly independent woman. But this is something that you absolutely must do. Have an open mind and let go of any expectations you might have. Go with the flow and let things happen, really experiencing them as they do. Think of this new dating experience as a fresh start and some no pressure fun. Going out with someone for a meal doesn’t mean anything has to happen and there’s no pressure for it to.