Is NOT A Real Dating Site, Steer Clear Is NOT A Real Dating Site, Steer Clear

Why You Should Avoid

If you’re hoping to find hot older women and have sex on, then you’re in the wrong place. This site is full of flaky bimbos who want money. I wanted to meet hot women my age after getting out of a 25 year marriage, and all I found on DateACougar were gold-diggers. If I wasn’t getting messages from these women, then it was from fake profiles. There’s no winning on this site.

Getting Started

Signing up for was pretty easy and didn’t take long. I just entered my age and what I want, along with my location. I uploaded a photo and was done. I started getting messages immediately. I found this suspicious because the speed was almost like an auto-message response to me having joined. The profiles I got messages from were not real women. They were clearly pictures of models and accounts controlled by people at DateACougar.

Results After Joining

Literally 90% of the messages I got were from scam profiles, and the other 10% were from gold-digging bimbos. Nobody who I would ever take out on a date let alone allow into my house for sex. I wouldn’t trust these women not to have some kind of disease so really I’m glad they were so transparently awful. Sent 433 messages Got 504 messages No dates Zero hookups I didn’t chat with anyone that I would give a minute of my time to. This is outrageous to me because I spent an entire 3 months on The chances of me not meeting a single woman should be absurd, but that’s the reality. I was disappointed in myself more than anything for not seeing through the facade sooner, and wasting so much time trying to meet a hot older woman. Any time I tried to initiate a video chat with one of the really attractive profiles they would decline and offer a weak excuse.

Needs Improvement

I have so many complaints about DateACougar that I could take out a one-page ad and fill it, but I’ll keep it to the worst few. The experience on this site overall is almost painful and even if they were to fix these glaring problems it would still be a terrible dating site. Crappy Service: If anything went wrong, you HAD to contact customer service. There was no troubleshooting option, and these people didn’t have a clue what they were doing. The calls were clearly outsourced as well. Also, things very often went wrong. Things wouldn’t upload properly, and I got locked out of my account which was extremely annoying. Gold Digging Members: The “real” profiles were all women who just wanted someone to pay their way. They aren’t subtle or shy about it either. These women either asked if I’d be their sugar daddy, or flat-out asked for money. Costs Too Much: To access any worthwhile features you have to pay. Any amount of money for this site is too much money. It’s riddled with errors and problems and just shouldn’t require members to pay for the terrible service. Lots Of Issues: I had so many technical issues with my account, it was insane. I got locked out of my account four times for no reason and fixing that was a frustrating experience. Photos took forever to upload and didn’t always work. I got so frustrated so many times that I just logged off.


Never join If you want to find a legitimate site to meet Cougars check out HotOlderWomen4U’s positive reviews and see which ones to try. I should’ve done this before I signed up for DateACougar. Every time I thought I might be making progress and may have met someone legit to meet up with they would ask for money. Or they would come up with a ridiculous excuse not to meet which gave them away as fake accounts. Refusing to allow a fellow member on a hookup site to see your face is suspicious as hell.