You’ll Have Sex Immediately On

You’ll Have Sex Immediately On

You’re Basically Guaranteed To Get Laid On CougarPersonalsAds

Before I joined, I had tried other MILF hookup sites and gotten absolutely nowhere. I could have saved myself the trouble if I had done my research and started on Cougarpersonalsads. is the greatest website when it comes to hooking up with hot older women. It’s full of horny and attractive MILFs who want sex too. If you haven’t yet, you have to try it. I’m constantly being surprised at just how effectively the site runs and works for its members.


Getting Started

The homepage for looks pretty cool, I thought it was visually appealing. I thought I was going to have to fill out a ton of questions to join, but I only had to enter a nickname and my age before I could explore the site. It was crazy simple! The homepage asks users “Don’t you love it when an older woman takes control?” I sure do! And the women looked really hot and had some sex pictures to show. I was super excited to get searching and chatting with some matches. The idea that I could be meeting up and getting laid by some of these women made me so horny. So ya, getting started went well.

Results After Joining

I’ve been a member for about 3 weeks now and I’d say so far so great! I’ve had a somewhat busy work schedule, so I have dates lined up that I haven’t had yet. I’m only going to review what I’ve done so far, but I have 6 dates scheduled in the next 2 weeks. The ones that I have gone on have been incredible. These ladies waste no time and get what they want! We got to know each other a little bit when we met up, but it didn’t take long before we were going back to her place for the hottest sex I’ve ever had in my life. This happened on every date! 150 messages sent 101 replies 87 messages received 5 dates 5 hookups I didn’t have nearly the same amount of success that I’m having on Cougarpersonalsads on the other hookup sites I’ve tried. The women are just amazing as well which makes everything that much more enjoyable.

How I Succeeded

If you want to have success finding dates on COUGAR PERSONALS ADS: there are a couple of things you can keep in mind to help. I approached everything with the following attitude and its so far working out spectacularly for me. Have Accurate Profile Info: Make sure that the information in your profile is accurate and truthful. This is especially true of your pictures. Post photos that actually look like you. Your dates should be able to recognize you on sight and you don’t want to hear that you look different in person. You’re hoping to meet these women in person, they’re going to find out you lied, so do yourself a favor and be honest. Be Open To All Types Of Experiences: You’ll have way more fun and hook up with way more cougars if you approach things openly. Exploring kinks and fantasies of the cougar you’re with will open your eyes to a whole new world of sex and I’m saying this based on experience!

Awesome Features

There are some really amazing features on Cougarpersonalsads that I hadn’t seen before on online dating sites before. They made the user experience incredibly enjoyable and easy to find the best matches for you. Recorded Video Introductions: I thought this was an incredible feature, because it let me see more of a woman than just her photo before I decided whether or not I wanted to hook up. I made one as well and I can tell you that having one on your profile ups your traffic and messages tons. Favorites List: If you had some profiles that you liked, you can save them as favorites for easy access in the future. On other sites, I had to try and remember their username and try searching tons of pages to find them again, but with the favorites list on this site they’re literally a click away. Matches Based On Profile One of the best features is that the site automatically matches you with other members based on the information in your profile. If you say that you’re into MILF bondage, then you’ll be matched with MILFs who like bondage! It’s amazing!

Maximize Success

There are really only two approaches I took to getting laid on and those were the following: Focus On Women Who Have Sexy Photos: Women who have sexy photos, especially naked ones, are sure to be game to meet up and have sex. They’re clearly looking for sex and so am I which always works out perfectly! They’ve taken the time to visually express what they’re after and it’s only polite to respond to their efforts. This tactic hasn’t steered me wrong yet! Be A Gentleman: Always treat women with respect and this is especially important when it comes to online hookups. You want to make them feel comfortable and let them know that you are a legit guy looking for the same thing as them. It’s a basic rule for every guy, but it’s worth mentioning because of how important it is in this scenario. Save your nasty self for the bedroom.

Needs Improvement

I was incredibly impressed with basically everything about how Cougarpersonalsads operates. Their features are stellar and the women are great quality. I noticed that this site doesn’t highlight new members, but this really didn’t bother me. The other features and match filter on the site are really good, so if new members are a match for me, I’ll likely come across their profile anyway. So I wouldn’t necessarily say this needs to improved, because the other features more than make up for it.


I absolutely love this hookup site. I’ve had a phenomenal number of responses in the 3 short weeks that I’ve been a member on I’ve had amazing dates with incredible women and I have more coming up. I’ve told all of my buddies to join because they’re always asking me how I keep meeting these hot older women. It’s a great place to live out your fantasies and it’s so hot acting out the kinky desires of these MILFs. I’m having mind-blowing sex as regularly as my schedule can possibly allow. I’m spending all of my free time getting laid by amazingly sexy women and I couldn’t be happier.