Sucks: Why I’d Never Recommend It! Sucks: Why I’d Never Recommend It!

I Wasted 3 Months Trying To Get Laid On

I had never had sex with an older woman and I really wanted to do it! I was about to turn 27 and figured I’d try to meet some MILFs online. I felt good about joining until I actually did it. I wanted to bang hot older women so badly that I ignored the obvious signs of a scam. I really should’ve known better but what can I say, I was horny and wanted to get laid.

Getting Started

At first glance, looks legit. The layout looks good and signing up is simple and straight-forward. It didn’t take long until I was browsing cougars in my area. There were a ton of super hot ones, but I thought it was weird that they all had really high quality looking pictures. I looked into it more and they were definitely professionally done. All of them. A lot of them also sent me messages asking for sex immediately. Although, when I replied and tried to set up and actual date, they ALWAYS bailed or found an excuse not to meet in person. I got very suspicious so I stayed on as kind of a social experiment.

Results After Joining

I stayed as a member on for 3 months, and I can say without a doubt that is a scam. I chatted with tons of different, super hot older women, but none of them would actually meet with me. They wouldn’t video chat either, which is always a red flag that something’s up. I never actually met with anyone in person from Cougarsmeet, and I pulled out all the stops to try. I don’t think I talked to a single woman who wanted to hook up. The profiles that did look real were unused and hadn’t been logged into for months. 609 messages sent 408 messages received 578 replies 0 actual dates I couldn’t believe they expected people to buy their shoddy ploys at legitimate profiles. The photos alone are so obviously not candid or of real members I don’t know why they’d bother. They had to be escorts based on the poses and lingerie they were wearing. A lot of them had fully nude pics and looked like they came out of a porno magazine. Real women don’t have those kinds of photos.

Needs Improvement

The layout and appearance is good on, but that’s about it. Every page inundated me with ads and pop-ups and most of the profiles I came across were either fake or unused. So Many Ads: Every page and every click caused pop-up after pop-up to come up on the screen. Even refreshing the page made more come up. It s extremely frustrating to use the site for 5 minutes, so I really don’t know how I lasted 3 months. Unused Profiles: The few and far between legit looking profiles that I came across had clearly not been used for a long time. They weren’t very attractive either. The featured profiles are literally all escorts posing as models or straight-up hookers. Bad Service: I had to contact customer service due to a log in issue and they could not have been less helpful. The guy I talked to was rude and hardly knew what he was talking about.


I would not recommend to anybody. It’s almost laughable how bad their marketing is. The pictures are obviously fake and the false profiles are clearly not real. It’s like they aren’t even trying to seem legit once they have your information. Everything about the site is cliche and won’t get you anywhere when it comes to having sex. I wish I’d checked the reviews for a legit one. I didn’t meet a single real woman after 3 months of using the site frequently. If it were real, I would definitely have gotten laid at least once or gone on even just one date. Not one single woman I talked to was a legit member.