Is A Fake Dating Site, Don’t Use It! Is A Fake Dating Site, Don’t Use It! Is Nothing But A Scam Site

I was hoping to meet hot older women by joining, instead I ended up wasting my time & money on this fraud site. I didn’t meet one Cougar. I had heard that meeting people online for new experiences and exploring kinky sex, but I can honestly say that didn’t happen for me. I had high hopes when I signed up on and I’m super disappointed that I chose to use this one; it did nothing for me.

Getting Started

The home page for is cheesy and stupid, which should have been my first clue. The photo is a dumb and definitely a failed attempt at humor, but it comes across as amateur and unprofessional. In all honesty, it looks like a straight-up scam site and I feel really stupid, but I really wanted to meet some cougars! With my goal in site, I continued to sign up. I entered super basic information – just my name, age and location and I was done. Or so I thought! To access pretty much anything on the site, you have to enter your credit card information. So it’s not a free dating site, as advertised.

Results After Joining

I spent an agonizing and very sexless 3 months on I didn’t get laid once. Not one of my dates turned out to be successful and I chatted with more bot accounts than real women. I really wanted to meet hot older women and have incredible sex and I’m so disappointed to say that did not happen. I put a lot of effort in to maximize my chances; I sent tons of messages and initiated chats every time I was online and I only managed to get one date. 433 messages sent 234 messages received 104 responses 1 awful date 0 hookups The replies I got to 85% of the messages I sent were from fake accounts, so the seemingly high number of replies is misleading. I had no success on whatsoever. The date I had was terrible – the woman was insane and I left not long after she got to the bar. She was so sexually aggressive and forward, that it was a huge turn-off and a little sad. She tried to grab my junk as soon as walked in! I had barely even said hi!

Needs Improvement

I don’t even know where to start with what needs to be improved on The whole thing needs to be shut down and started again as a legitimate site. The chat features barely work, having glitches every 5 minutes that required me to log off and log back in to have it work. There’s no video feature, which sucked so I couldn’t see if I was talking to a real person or not. I usually wasn’t so I guess that’s why there’s no video option. That being said, these are some of the glaring downsides to the site. Fake Profiles: The number of fake and bot profiles on this site is ridiculous. 90% of all of the members they claim to have are false profiles and accounts. The majority of responses I got and messages I received were from these profiles, which was obvious because they don’t even talk like real people would chat. Horrible Appearance: The site looks just plain awful. The graphics and photos they choose are cheesy as hell. I don’t know who they’re trying to entertain with this approach, but it’s not sexy and looks tacky. The layout is amateur and just looks plain bad. Low Quality Women: The few real women that they do have on the site are flakey or insane. The date I had would have been traumatic if I had stayed. To be immediately and aggressively groped before I even introduced myself, was shocking. It was extremely off-putting. No one wants to feel assaulted on a date. I’m lucky this experience alone didn’t put me off trying to hook up with older women.


I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy! They’d know right away that it was a scam anyway. This is not the site to go to if you want to meet hot older women. I was really looking forward to expanding my sexual horizons and living out every guy’s dream of banging a MILF, but made me feel like that would never happen. I’ve since joined a different site I found on Hot Older Women 4 U’s Review section and had amazing sex with some older women, but I wasted so much time on this one trying to meet some that I wish I could turn back time and never join!