Top 3 Most Popular Careers Full Of Hot Older Women

Careers With Lots Of Cougars

Certain career fields seem to be magnets for hot older women! We’ve found out the top 3 jobs that are full of Cougars. These careers are not what you think. These are some high powered careers for women, so it’s no wonder they attract Cougars more than any other! The jobs are what success looks like at 20 and 30, but especially after 35, and most of the women in them are just that.

Real Estate Agent

Nowadays, there are more and more women in commercial real estate and the residential sector. Real estate agents largely dictate their own schedules and the pay for a successful one can be fantastic. The flexibility and high pay scale is probably what attracts Cougars to this field more than other people, because they can still have their spa treatments and take their vacations as needed.


Interior Decorator

Interior decorating is a glamorous and luxurious career field with a ton of potential for astounding amounts of income. Decorators are hired by the richest people and some of them are celebrities in exotic locations, so the appeal for a Cougar is obvious. The potential to travel to different destinations and rub elbows with famous people, along with the fabulous life is able to provide for herself are key ingredients to a Cougar career. Older women with style experience in the decorating field can charge a good deal of money for their services so the income level for a successful one can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not a bad field to be in!

Event Planner

Event planning can be one of the best jobs for moms because of the flexibility. The reason is elevates to Cougar status is the glamorous potential of the field. Weddings and extravagant events require stylish and seasoned planners so it’s a no brainer that Cougars would be the solution. The better and more experienced the event planner, the more glamorous and lavish the events to be planned are going to be. The pay for an event of this magnitude would be a lot so Cougars would be able to fill their flexible schedules with travel and luxury.

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