Top 3 Beauty Tips For Looking Hot As An Older Women

Top Tips For Looking Sexy

Not sure what to do when it comes to getting ready for a night out? Beauty and makeup sometimes gets pushed aside as women age, but they don’t have to be complicated! We offer 3 easy beauty tips to looking hot every day. With these simple beauty tips for older women, you’ll appear more youthful and look super hot! It’s not about getting too fancy, it’s about using the right stuff in the right places to hide and accentuate certain areas. These are our top 3 makeup tips for older women.

Cover Up Dark Under Eye Circles

Something every woman gets and hates are dark under eye circles, or “bags”. They’re not a problem anymore! One of the most important makeup tips for mature skin is to find the right shade of concealer to match your skin and then go a little bit lighter. Use it on any facial blemishes to cover imperfections, but make sure you give special attention to your eye area. Don’t go nuts, but make sure the under eye is covered. Use concealer before foundation, and tip it into the skin gently with your ring fingers to blend.

Define Your Lashes And Brows

As we get older, our eyebrows tend to lose their lustre. Simply defining your brows with a brow pencil or even a similar color of eyeshadow will add some great definition to your face overall. Never go too dark, only darken them up a little bit. Equally as important are your lashes. If nothing else, then something you should always do is wear mascara. It draws focus to your gorgeous eyes and beautifies instantly. You don’t have to go straight to a black or super dark color if you aren’t used to wearing it, there are browns and lighter shades to chose from too.


Use The Right Foundation For Your Skin

A super common makeup mistake that ages you is the misuse of foundation. Women either pick the wrong color trying to look more tanned or cake it on way too thick. As an older woman, it’s really important to not fall into these traps. Use a medium or light coverage foundation and just use one layer. It’s meant to even out your skin, not cover everything, so caking it on will really only work against what you’re trying to achieve.

Now that you have the beauty tips, find dates to practice them onĀ