If You Want To Bang MILFs, Then DON’T Use Agemeet.com

If You Want To Bang MILFs, Then DON’T Use Agemeet.com

Never Use Agemeet.com If You Want To Have Sex

If you’re looking to find hot older women to have sex with, then steer clear of Agemeet.com. You won’t meet anyone and will waste your money trying on here. I’m a young guy who was looking to experience the wonders to Cougar sex so I figured Agemeet was a good place to start. I was proven horribly wrong in the 3 months I was a member and I sincerely wish I had never signed up with the site.

Getting Started

To start searching for local older women, I was required to start an account, which I expected. I did not expect to have to fill out no less than 40 questions to do it. If I’m just looking to have sex why do I need to answer questions about my job and income? Red flag number one. After roughly 10 minutes (seriously) I finally had a profile and could search for MILFs! I browsed a few profiles and didn’t find any of them very appealing. The women were unattractive and the hot ones always had only professional photos on their profiles. Red flag number two! I did end up talking to a couple of older women, but I’m sad to say nothing happened with either of them. Not for lack of trying on my part.

Results After Joining

I tried to find older women to hook up with for 3 months on Agemeet.com. I somehow didn’t get have sex with any. I put in a lot of time and put up with an enormous amount of technical issues (more on that later) and got absolutely nothing out of it. The experience itself wasn’t fun and I really don’t know why I stuck it out for so long. 432 messages sent out 199 false replies 165 actual replies 2 dates planned 2 no-shows 0 sex had The two women I did chat with never showed up for our dates. Both times I sat in the bar by myself looking like a idiot and never heard from them after that. How rude is that? The women here are not quality women and I’m actually glad they didn’t show up because who knows where they’ve been?

Needs Improvement

Pretty much everything about Agemeet.com is terrible. They don’t offer much in the way of help to their members and still expect them to pay for the service features. The features themselves are crap – half of them don’t work and the ones that do are the basic ones. Flaky Members: The women on the site are flaky and don’t seem to be interested in actually meeting up. I thought I had finally found some luck two separate times and both women stood me up. You’d think “mature” women would know enough to be more decent then that but there you have it. Technical Problems: I ran into so many technical issues with the site that I was beyond fed up by the time I quit. My messages wouldn’t open properly, photos didn’t show fully – so many things made it a really unpleasant experience to be online. Too Many Questions: I could not believe the number of questions I was required to fill out before I could join the site. It went on and on and most of them weren’t relevant to the situation at all. I’d get it if they were questions about sexual preferences or whatever, but these were really personal questions unrelated to sex. Very sketchy.


Do not ever join Agemeet.com. It’s such a frustrating experience and you’ll have nothing to show for it. I’ve never had a site make me feel more stupid, angry, and duped. I’ll never get those months back that I spent trying to get laid on Agemeet. If I could sue them for something I would in a heartbeat. They falsely advertise and do nothing but scam money out of their members. Avoid this one at all costs and look on HotOlderWomen4u.com reviews page for a real one.